You probably have failed to win for some time. That is ok. Winning and losing us part of the game. However, should that persist, don’t blame Casinos. They pay when people win. Also, they pay when people follow the rules.

Misunderstanding Bonus

When playing on any Casino, there will be rules. Therefore, it is important to satisfy the rules. If you want to play using the bonus, meet the rules about the bonus. Unfortunately, the excitement makes people miss out the rules.

When signing up, remember not to open multiple accounts. That constitute fraud. Therefore, most Casinos won pay you anything. Others that are empathetic will pay out and ban all your accounts. It is all about rules.

Have you sent Verification Documents

Our identity gives us access to many things. In a Casino, payouts require verification. They must verify you are the right person. Unfortunately, people don't take such information seriously. Nevertheless, if you want your money, send the documents.

Did you use Someone's else Credit Card?

Another reason, people don't get paid is that they use credit cards that don't match their names. If you read the terms and conditions, using another person's credit card is not allowed. Therefore, most casinos will not payout.

  • Casinos pay
  • If they don't there's a reason

Is the Casino Legit

The legitimacy of a Casino is important. If the Casino is not legit, it will not pay out. Therefore, check out if it operates under a legitimate licensee. If not, your money is not safe and so is your data.

Fraudulent Casinos

We all have a bad experience with swindlers. Unfortunately, most of these people are online. You need to be sure you are dealing with the right Casino. If they don't have a licence, they are frauds.

Problems of Your own

Have you met the required age to gamble? If not, you are wasting your time. Some underage players win and never get paid. This is because, when they provide proof of identity and address, the Casino finds out.

  1. Play safe

Besides that age difference, you need to have won to get paid. Some players deposit their money and lose. Eventually, they all start thinking the Casino is cheating. Gambling is win or lose. Therefore, you need to be prepared.

VPN use

If you are in a country where the Casino is not licensed, talk to the customer care. Using a VPN makes them think you are cheating. The VPN helps you lie about your location and that's breaking the law.

Wagering Requirements

All Casinos have wagering requirements. It means that, for you to withdraw your winnings, you must have met the conditions. Therefore, before making any claims, check if you met all the terms and conditions by the online Casino.

When you Cheat forget the winnings

Some guys are clever. However, these companies are big and have more resources. Therefore, they will find out mistakes and correct them fast. Using bot to play is unethical and can make you loose all your winnings.

Self-exclusion by the Casino

Unfortunately, some with gambling issues. For that reason, some Casinos block them. Unfortunately, they get a way to sign up on to another. But, since most of these Casinos belong to the same group, they get discovered and kicked out.

Incorrect Information

If you want to play for real money, give the right information. This is because, wrong information is hard to verify. Besides that, it will be hard for the Casino to prove that you are the real winner.

Contacting Support

If you feel you won fair and square, don't fret. There are many channels you can use to get your money. First, you can send evidence to support. They are in the best position to help.

You can also contact the gaming licensing board with your evidence. They will make a follow up and in no time, you will get back your money. Avoid making complaints on social media, no one listens or helps.